Hi!  I have loved glass and jewelry for as long as I can remember so in 1996 I began putting the two together and making my own glass jewelry.  I had seen jewelry made from old china and decided I wanted to use depression glass to make my jewelry.  After some trial and error someone suggested wire wrapping.  I could find no one in the Charlotte area at the time who taught wire wrapping but I was able to find a book so I started playing and taught myself.  I was eventually able to find the equipment I needed to be able to cut and shape the glass pieces as I wanted them.  My first pieces were the little angel pins, pendants and earrings which I changed from year to year for several years and finally came up with one I really liked and had it copyrighted.

Since then I have started cutting other shapes and using other media.  I love finding interesting pieces of dichroic glass, stones especially agates (when I can see a picture in them), old pins that I pop out of their setting and wire wrap into a pendant.  I claim to see everything wire wrapped which is not entirely true but is close.

For the last few years I have expanded into what I call wire forming and started making rings and bracelets.  I have really enjoyed forming bracelets and have been able to incorporate my depression glass and china into some of my bracelets.  I have also been working in chain mail and have been able to incorporate this ancient art into my bracelets.  There are so many ways to expand in bracelets from simply wire forming to chain mail or a combination of the two.